Meeting Rooms

Use of Library Meeting Rooms for the Public

Troy-Miami County Public Library
[Approved Oct. 19, 2016, by the Troy-Miami County Public Library Board of Trustees]

Meeting rooms are available to the public for gatherings of civil, informational, cultural, or educational purposes when not in use by the library. Meeting room programs must not interfere with library operations or be used for an unlawful purpose.
Meeting spaces at the Troy Library include the Multi-Purpose Room, Community Room, and one quiet study room. There is a meeting room upstairs at the Oakes-Beitman Library that is not handicapped accessible. Other areas of the library may be designated for meetings with prior approval.

The terms for public use of meeting rooms are:

  • Use of the rooms must be done in a responsible manner, with the Library Rules of Conduct adhered to at all times. The Library reserves the right to withdraw permission for room use when conditions so warrant and to stop meetings which interfere with the normal operations of the Library. The library has two study rooms for quiet use.
  • Meeting room space is intended for specific events, rather than regularly scheduled, ongoing meetings. Meeting rooms may be reserved no more than three months in advance.
  • Rooms will be provided on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use. The library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of any group of individuals.
  • A completed Application for Meeting Room must be approved prior to room use. The Library reserves the right to review any application for room use and request additional time and information in the approval process.
  • Programs that involve fundraising or the sale of goods, products or services are prohibited. Exceptions may be made on library-sponsored programs as long as the sale of goods is not the primary purpose of the program.
  • The person submitting the application accepts the library’s terms and conditions for the use of the room and takes responsibility to see that all conditions of use are followed. The library is not responsible for equipment or other items owned by a group or individual and used in the library. Damage to library property or equipment will be assessed at full replacement or repair value, not less than $50. The library assumes no liability for theft or damage to property brought onto library property or for injuries which occur as a result of actions of sponsors or participants in activities in meeting rooms.
  • Non-profit organizations may use the rooms for free. The library reserves the right to ask for proof of nonprofit status.
  • Meetings must be free and open to the public. Restrictions of public comments should in no way interfere with the public’s ability to attend, observe or listen.
  • Meeting rooms can be scheduled for no more than two hours at a time unless given prior approval. Rooms are assigned at the discretion of the library. The library reserves the right to reject any request if it is determined the group has abused its past meeting room privileges.
  • No admission fees will be charged and no collections may be taken. Educational courses conducted by non-profit agencies may charge fees for learning materials or course credits, but the program must be open for observation to members of the public who do not pay fees.
  • The library does not provide audiovisual equipment.
  • All meetings must be completed 15 minutes before the library closes, including room clean up. Failure to do so will result in loss of meeting room privileges for the organization.
  • Cancellations should be done at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Room setup and tear down is the responsibility of the group and rooms must be left the way they were found. The group is expected to return the room to its original orderly condition. If left in unsatisfactory condition, the library reserves the right to charge a fee for clean-up.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks with lids and snack foods are allowed in the meeting rooms. Additional food items may be allowed with prior approval.
  • No individual or group may state or imply Library endorsement or sponsorship of events in the meeting rooms without written approval from the Director. The name and/or address of the Library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization.
  • If a person or group advertises an event in a library meeting room, it must include contact information for the group and can only list the dates already approved for use.
  • Publicity materials used to promote non-Library sponsored events must be clear that the Library is not a sponsor of the event.
  • The library retains the right to deny the space to any user whose planned use of the space does not comply with these terms. The library reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the space is required for use by the library or a library related organization.
  • The library reserves the right to cancel a room reservation if the person or group requesting the room does not maintain valid contact information with the library.
  • The library abides by the Fire Code. The Multi-Purpose Room Room is for meetings of 80 people or less and the Community room is for meetings of 35 people or less. Study rooms are usually reserved for groups of 2 or less. The Pleasant Hill meeting room can be used by about 20 people.
  • Failure to comply with meeting room policy or rules may result in loss of meeting room privileges including immediate termination of a meeting by library personnel.


Online Application for Meeting Room Use


If you have any questions about the meeting rooms, please contact Pam Ade at 937-339-0502 ext. 115

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