Frequently Asked Questions - 100 Books Before Graduation

Related FAQs

What is this and why should I sign up?

  • You have the opportunity to read 100 books of your choice and enjoy fun perks, a grand prize upon completion, and major bragging rights!

How do I sign up?

  • You can register using Beanstack or at the library starting August 7, 2023.

Who can participate in 100 Books Before Graduation?

  • This program is ONLY for students in grades 6-12. If you are signing up for one of these programs during the summer (after the school year has ended), you may participate if you are a fifth grader entering sixth grade.

Which books or types of books do I need to read?

  • Reading choice is 100% up to you! We encourage you to read a wide range of books in as many different formats and genres as possible, but there are no requirements for specific titles or genres. Challenge yourself in your reading, but remember to have fun. Books read for summer reading programs count!

How do I log my books?

  • You will receive email instructions with an invitation of where to log your books. You must record the title, and author and make comments on each book read to receive credit in Beanstack or you can use the provided paper tracking brochure.

What are the prizes?

  • There will be milestone prizes for every 25 books read up to 100 and a grand prize once you have completed the program and read all 100 books! If you are tracking on Beanstack, a librarian may reach out to you to arrange prize pickup (see prize info below). If you use a paper log please contact the teen librarian at your library to arrange prize pick up.

What are the milestone prizes and how do I claim them?

  • Personalized Pop Socket - When a teen reaches the 25 interval they come into the library to make the pop socket. They will make it in the DIY Center in PHill or the Maker Lab in Troy.
  • Pop-it notebook - When a teen reaches the 50 interval they will come into the library/bookmobile and pick out their notebook.
  • Book with a personalized bookplate - When a teen reaches the 75 interval they will come to the library/bookmobile pick out their book and have their bookplate printed.
  • Tool kit or a Sewing kit - When a teen reaches the 100 interval they will come into the library/bookmobile and pick from the 2 prize options. They will have the opportunity to have their picture taken for social media/display in the library. With that, they can also answer questions to be displayed like what their favorite book was that they read.


Can I use the same book more than once on my log if I re-read it?

  • No, for this program we would like for you to read 100 separate titles, so you have the opportunity to read as many books as possible.

I started a book but didn't like it and don't want to finish it. Can I still add it to my list?

  • If you have given the book a genuine shot by reading at least 50% of it, then you can add it to your list. We don’t want to force you to read anything you’re not enjoying when there are so many other great books out there!

How will I have time to read that many?

  • We don’t expect you to complete this program in a week, a month, or even a year. We encourage you to join at the earliest opportunity possible, which would give you seven years to complete the 100 Books before Graduation program if you start in sixth grade. Everyone reads at their own pace, so enjoy the process and take your time!

Do audiobooks count? What about graphic novels?

  • Yes, absolutely! Listening to an audiobook or listening to someone read a book to you counts as having read that book. Graphic novels and manga count too. You can read books in whatever way and format that works best for you.

Can I add the books I need to read for school?

  • Yes. We would encourage you to also read at least some books just for fun, but mandatory reading counts too.

Where can I get book ideas?

  • To go along with the program, library staff will develop more book lists for teens such as a banned book list, a classic book list, and a breakdown of teen books by genre. The library staff will also start having a reader’s advisory paper and an online form that will be monitored by the teen librarians.