Sensory Break Bags

Sensory Break Bags are now available for check out at the Troy-Miami County Public Library, Bookmobile, and Oakes-Beitman Memorial Library thanks to a generous grant from The Troy Foundation.

Break Bags contain toys that provide sensory development in children of all ages. “We wanted to provide a resource for parents that includes toys that will help their children learn,” said Library Director Rachelle Miller. The bags are available to anyone but geared toward children with sensory processing problems. Each toy has a card that explains its uses. 

Additionally, noise-canceling headphones are now available for use at the Troy library. The headphones are available to anyone who finds the environment to be too loud. 
“This building can get very loud,” said Miller. “It may seem ironic that you are can find noise-canceling headphones in what has traditionally been a quiet space, but this hasn’t been a quiet library in years. We recognize this and want to do what we can for our patrons who may think it is too loud whether it is children with a sensory disorder or adults who want to read the newspaper in quiet.” The headphones can be borrowed at the front desk.