Library Trading Cards

The tradition of collecting trading cards dates back to 1869 and began with sports figures adorning them. In celebration of National Library Week, this pastime has taken an innovative and charming turn at the Troy-Miami County Public Library. Our Maker Lab staff, with the help of a talented artistic intern, have created a beginning series of trading cards featuring none other than the library staff themselves. This unique collection shows creativity brewing within our walls and gives a cool insight into TMCPL staff at all branches.

Some may think of librarians as solely dedicated to their work, but these trading cards reveal the true personalities that make up our team. These designs and concepts offer a playful and whimsical representation, making it clear that these librarians are ready to go the extra mile for not only each other but also for the members of our community every day!

Whether you're a collector, a library enthusiast, or someone intrigued by blending traditional hobbies with modern creativity, these trading cards are for you! A Collectors Guide is now available to print below.

How do you collect the cards?

Beginning Tuesday, April 9 our trading cards will be available at all branches, you can collect one per day, per branch while supplies last! Cards will be distributed in random order. If you receive a duplicate card we suggest you find a library friend or family member to trade with.

You will find a trading card guide posted at each of our branches to help you track your collection. The current edition includes staff members, library resources, and services. We plan to continue to build the collection by adding more cards in the future.

Explore your cards closely, they include edition numbers, job classifications, and more! We hope you enjoy collecting these cards and learning more about our staff and libraries. We enjoyed the process of making them!

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