Make the Switch

Technology continues to change though, as does how we use it. With that in mind, OverDrive introduced a new app to borrow ebooks and audiobooks called Libby, which was inspired by library and user feedback and was designed to get people reading or listening to digital titles as quickly and seamlessly as possible. As a result, the OverDrive App is now facing retirement. The app was removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store in February 2022.

What does this mean? What if I have a Kindle? What happens to my holds and checked-out items? What about my reading history? Why should I bother with Libby right now?

Don’t panic – we have answers for you, as well as some pretty great reasons to give Libby a fair shot!

What does this mean? The OverDrive app will be removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store in February 2022, which means it won’t be available to download from that point forward. Although the app will continue working for time being, OverDrive intends to completely phase this app in the future (possibly by the end of 2022). That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to make the switch to the Libby App, which you can find in the Apple App Store for iOS and in Google Play for Android.

What if I have a Kindle? The Libby App hasn’t received official approval from Amazon to be listed in the Amazon App Store yet. Fire users can simply visit to use Libby in their browser. Until Libby receives the go-ahead from Amazon, the OverDrive App will remain in the app store.

What happens to my holds and checked-out items? The items you have on hold or have checked out in OverDrive will appear in Libby.

What about my reading history? You can export your reading history from the OverDrive App to save it, but you can’t import it into the Libby App. Once you start using Libby, you can find your reading history from that point forward in your Timeline (clock icon).

What should I bother with Libby right now? Better to stay ahead of the curve, right? Plus, Libby has some pretty great perks…

Help is available directly within the Libby App, or on the website In addition, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to help if you need additional assistance or have other questions.

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