Read & Win this Summer!

Track Your Reading

You can track your reading progress either on paper or online with Beanstack! You can find paper logs at your favorite library location, create an account with the Beanstack App, or visit for more details.

Both our paper and online reading logs are set to track your reading in 15-minute increments. Every time you read or listen to any story you can log your time (that includes hearing stories at storytime or reading for a book club!). Once you reach 5 hours you’ll be eligible for a chance to win cool prizes! The more you read, the more chances you have to win. Printable Reading Logs are available below. Drop your entries in the prize boxes at the library. 

You can read fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, picture books, play an audiobook, or even listen to someone else read and it will count!

*Both the paper and online logs are designed to work the same and offer the same prizes so you can choose the format that’s best for you without missing out on anything.