Check Out the New Online Book Nook!

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"All of us at INFOhio are excited to say that Book Nook ( is now live"!

Book Nook is a site devoted to student-created book trailers. It gives students a place to share the books they are reading and learn about the books other students across Ohio are enjoying. 

What's more, Book Nook is ready for new submissions! The site is open to all Ohio K-12 students. Check out the guidelines and rubric for submission. Then when the book trailer is finished, just complete the short submission form. The Book Nook team will review the content within five days. Students can submit their work, or teachers and librarians can submit on behalf of students, but the book trailer needs to be done by kids for kids.

And if you've never made a book trailer, never fear because Book Nook includes links to resources for teachers and students to spark creativity and guide them through the development process.

Students will find links to sites that help them:

  • Plan a book trailer project
  • Find royalty-free images and music
  • Create the video
  • Cite their sources

Teachers will find additional links that help them:

  • Plan lessons around book trailers, regardless of the subject area
  • Develop rubrics to grade them
  • Add a book trailer to their library catalog

Check out the book trailers already posted for ideas and the Help section for more information.

Send any questions or comments to